Wednesday, June 17, 2009

i_luv sports. Omg she deserves this (: so creative (: ♥ her style. and OMFG 5762 starpoints? crazy insane dude lol

OMG I went to becpod's page and i NEW that she looks like a covergirl Chic. her looks are so hawt couture. she really has it goin on lol.

The reason that sinbabee should be covergirl, is because she is so kind, and she is very in tune with fashion. and she is all around Pretty!

A reason that Marliw shud be covergirl, is because her style is also unique, and very sophisticated.

The reasons Boo4Bettz should be covergirl: One reason that she should be covergirl is that she has almost EVERY Rare in the book lol. her style is also very put together, and unique. (:

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